Tree and shrub spray is an essential part of Northwest yard upkeep. Insects and disease can sometimes overwhelm the finest of landscapes. Nature is fickle and every year brings new surprises. Therefore it is essential to be prepared and have an automatic spray program to counter any insect or disease outbreak. Our '4 spray' program is automatic. We show up on 2 month intervals, starting in January with our oil dormant spray and ending in September when the outdoor yard season ends.

We have the finest equipment to provide thorough spray coverage for all size of trees and shrubs. Safety is our number one priority. We use only high quality safe chemicals, insuring the best possible job of controlling any insect or disease outbreak including West Nile virus carrying mosquitoes, and pesky summertime yellow jackets. Try our '4 spray' per year program and our popular foundation spray, which controls ants, spiders and other indoor pests from invading your living space.